As far back as Gwen can remember, she loved crafting away in the kitchen with her mother. As she got tall enough to reach the table top to see what her mother was up to, she would grip unto a wooden spoon to watch how raw ingredients like flour, water and eggs can turn into a pliable dough. Her interest in the art of cooking grew stronger through the years and to this day, baking and experimenting in the kitchen reminds her of the times she bonded with her mother. She still treasures those times and her love for cooking set her up to love the creative freedom raw ingredients can offer her.

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After completing a bachelor degree in Home Economics (Consumer Science) specialising in Nutrition in 2000, Gwen furthered her studies to complete a cooking course at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She completed her apprenticeship at fine dining establishments around South Africa and England.

After back packing her way through the United Kingdom and Europe, Gwen returned to South Africa to work in boutique hotels on game reserves. Eventually, Australia called her and after finishing a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling and a diploma in Naturopathy in Melbourne, the time felt right for her to be Just Gwen and bring all her experiences together to show others the magic that lies within crafitng in the kitchen.