Best gluten free brownies!

Best gluten free brownies!


100 g tahini paste

100 g butter

2 eggs

3/4 cup coconut sugar or agave syrup or soft brown sugar

1 cup almond meal

1/4 cup gluten free flour

3 ml baking powder

100 g dark chocolate

80 ml cream

handful pecan nuts (optional)



This recipes calls for a lot of tahini paste. Measure it off into a pan with the butter...Start preheating the oven to 160 degrees celsius.

...and heat it over very slow heat until the butter has just melted...

Once the butter is melted, turn the heat off and add the sugar/syrup and slowly heat the mixture 


Add the eggs and mix it through

Add the almond flour


Add the gluten free flour and pecans.


Pour the batter into a greased and lined baking dish (roughly 17x17cm). The brownies will stick it you don't line the dish with baking paper at least at the bottom of the dish.

glutenfree brownies9.jpg

You can sprinkle some pecan nuts on top or mix it onto the batter


Heat the cream and chocolate together in a bowl over steam taking care to overheat stirring constantly. Alternatively, you can heat the cream separately and pour it over the chocolate stirring it to melt the chocolate into the cream. 


Bake the brownies in a preheated oven checking it after 20 minutes to see if a knife comes out clean when tested. Bake until the knife comes out clean. This might take longer than 20 minutes, but you dont want to over bake it drying it out, so, best to start checking it after 20 minutes.


Tip the brownies unto a plate and pour the melted chocolate mixture the hot brownies and enjoy!

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