The basics of making a soup: As strong as the saying: All roads lead to Rome, I believe all soups result from onion, celery, carrot and A LOT of patience. The secret to getting the most concentrated flavour into that soup, lies in giving it the TIME to develop AT THE START! If you rush it in the start, it’s hard to get the flavor in there once the liquid has been added. Tip number 2: whatever you put INto the soup, is what you will get OUT.


Start off with roughly equal amounts of carrot, onion and celery with oil of choice and start to heat a saucepan on a very low heat on the stove top allowing the vegetables to cook as slowly as possible until they almost start to stick to the bottom of the sauce pan. And by this I don’t mean it sticks to the bottom due to the high heat applied, but rather because of the tenderness and sweetness from caramelising the sugars in the vegetables for so long. To remind yourself that you have vegetables sizzling on the stove, setting a timer is essential. And I’m not kidding, set a timer! Any questions? Feel free to comment below. Come on, I know you have a burning question!